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I’m Miu von Furstenberg, the co-founder of SocialiteLife.com. I currently live in New York City.

Here is where you'll find all of my silly Miusings and Socialite Life favorites.


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Actor Joe Manganiello cools off from the hot desert sun and rips his shirt to put his bulging muscles on display for for a few lucky fans gawking at him during the Coachella Music Festival. April 21, 2012. (via Joe Manganiello At Coachella 2012 | 18 | Socialite Life)

(via fameish)

(via A Shirtless Joe Jonas Gives Joe Manganiello Some Competition At Coachella [PHOTOS] - Socialite Life)

Dan Cortese is holding up surprisingly well.

Trevor Donavan Shirtless ‘CSI’ Guest Spot - Socialite Life

Cristiano Ronaldo Shirtless & Baby Mama Drama - Socialite Life

Joe Manganiello Gets Shirtless For Cosmo Calendar - Socialite Life

Miguel Iglesias - Male Model Monday - Socialite Life - Yes, yes and yes!

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